Today, Pelosi Suggests ‘Mowing Grass’ in Some Border Areas Rather Than Building a Wall.

What’s next – biking and hiking trails.


Read the new Democrat platform which is derived from the “Communist Manifesto.”  The new party is called the Democrat Muslim/Communist Party and remember the black caucus of the party is associated with Farrakhan. Not good news for our country.

We have to vote these people out of office – things are not good in the party.  Their voting record in the 2016 election has proven that several million  illegals voted in their party and good votes were destroyed – not good for our country.  Your country is only as good as the voting process is.


Pelosi Doubles Down on ‘Crumbs;’ Dems in Mid-Term Election Panic
February 20, 2018

(Liberty Headlines)

Democrat panic over midterm elections is increasing and, in part, is fueled by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s continued doubling down on her dismissive remarks about tax cuts for millions of Americans as “crumbs.”


‘I think a lot of Blue Dogs would not use ‘crumbs’…’

In 2011, Pelosi celebrated the Obama-era $40 tax cut to workers as a “victory for America,” yet now slams bonuses for workers, most ranging from $1,000 to $2,000.
Pelosi has also called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act “armageddon.”

Not all her Democrat collegues agreed with Pelosi’s rhetoric.

“I would not use ‘crumbs’ personally, and I think a lot of Blue Dogs would not use ‘crumbs,’” said Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) to Politico.

The web site reported that Cuellar and other members think Pelosi’s language paints the party as out of touch.

Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, defended his boss’s use of the word “crumbs.”
“Big corporations and the wealthy are overwhelmingly using the GOP tax scam to line their own pockets, giving workers only a tiny fraction of what their labor has earned,” Hammill said in a statement.

Democrats should be worried.

Earlier this month Rep. Todd Rokita (R-Ind.) trolled Pelosi with his announcement to unveil the “Creating Relief and Useful Middle-Class Benefits and Savings” Act — or “CRUMBS Act.”

“Americans are receiving thousands of dollars in bonuses and more money in their paychecks thanks to President Trump’s tax reform, but out-of-touch Democratic leaders believe they only amount to crumbs,” said Rokita in a statement.

House Democrats who attempt to show negative impacts of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act might struggle to find any examples.

Yesterday Smuckers announced it will give 5,000 employees $1,000 bonuses, and will add $20 million to employee pensions. The company credits the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act as the reason.

Smuckers joins 346 other companies who have handed out extra benefits, bonuses and raises to employees since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed, according to Americans For Tax Reform.


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