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On Sunday night at the NBA All-Star Game, one-name pop singer Fergie sang tortured the National Anthem. This cat’s reaction to Fergie’s caterwauling speaks for us all: Soon to be 43 years old, Fergie‘s real name is Stacy Ann Ferguson. A Democrat, Obama supporter, and pro-gay marriage (source), Fergie is a former crystal meth addict, […]

via Tuesday Nite Funny: Cat reacts to Fergie singing National Anthem — Fellowship of the Minds

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What a sad sack!  She completed the misdeed and as usual as a liberal – apologized for stickin’ it to the anthem in body and spirit.  If her intentions were to make other liberals attend more of her concerts, she succeeded.

Whoever her music instructor was – for her background and training in music – must have been proud of her – if they were a liberal.  But, whoever hired her for this gig – they need to ask for a refund.

Is this what she wants to be remembered as – the gal who “stuck it to the anthem?”

Shame on her:


Patriotism is one of the biggest strengths of a nation. Waving the national flag is so much more than bringing a tribute to successful athletes. It also links us to a heritage and a tradition. Our national flag symbolizes ancient loyalties embodying the legacy of our fathers, which we want to bestow on our children.

Again, as an American citizen, I find her statement offensive. The fact that our culture shifts to one that is more diverse and accepting of all types of people does not mean our traditions have to change.”

When people come to America they accept our language, the Constitution, its heritage and its traditions.  If that is not possible – they need to return to the country they came from.

Tired of these liberal whiners.




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