Communist Manifesto or Democratic Party Platform?

I hope all of you people who are voting for the Democrats better check out your Democratic Party – it is no longer the party that you thought – it is as I have said over and over – the muslim/communist party.  Be sure you know what you are getting into to.

Just how far left has the Democratic Party shifted over the past few years? Far enough, apparently, that the Democratic Party platform and the infamous Communist Manifesto are at times indistinguishable.

In an intriguing social experiment, one reporter took to the streets of New York to interview college-age individuals. After reading them a line of text, he would then ask a simple question: is this text taken from the 2016 Democratic Party platform or is it taken from the Communist Manifesto? Alarmingly, most participants had a difficult time pinning down which document the various quotes came from.

The most frightening part is that even someone with a good base of political knowledge would likely have a hard time ascertaining which document these quotes were drawn from. The reality is that much of the language used in the Democratic Party platform is strikingly similar to the language used in the Communist Manifesto.

It should go without saying that when your official party platform begins to sound like the Communist Manifesto, something has gone horribly wrong. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party continues to inch further and further toward the far left.

To see for yourself how frighteningly similar the 2016 Democratic Party platform is to the Communist Manifesto, be sure to check out the video below.



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