The fact they are targeting WHITE WOMEN tells me they do not want to be treated equally and women who use men for success and then complain after they are successful and:

Not until this campaign addresses the murder of babies in the world, the murder and better treatment of women of Islam, and conversing with men about their treatment of women and telling men what they want instead of dividing men and women – will I take these women seriously.  These women are injecting hate into their campaign which never wins an argument.


Confront White Womanhood’ is the New Campaign from the Women’s March

The Women’s March – an organization supposedly dedicated to protecting the rights of all women – has set their sights on a new foe. That new foe isn’t one of the many liberal celebrities accused of using their position to sexually harass women. It isn’t even Donald Trump or some other conservative politician they’ve decided they don’t like. The new foe of the Women’s March is now white women.

If that sounds entirely contradictory and concerningly racist to you, congratulations: you clearly have a sense of reason that the organizers of the Women’s March do not display. Unconcerned by the harmful and racist tones of their new message, the Women’s March has launched a website called “Confront White Womanhood”.

As if the title alone isn’t enough to convince any rational person to click elsewhere, the home page of the site features the tagline “Challenging White Women To Do Better”.

Never mind the fact that the majority of sexual harassment and assault victims out of Hollywood who have come forward are white women. Never mind the fact that the entire premise of the Women’s March was supposed to be that women who have gone through these things are not the ones at fault. Now, according to the Women’s March, white women are very much at fault, and they need to change.

To learn more about why and how the Women’s March is going about this confrontation, check out the video below.

There is a thorn in the side.

After viewing this, what would this group of people think if white women turned this around and targeted black women.  Maybe these black women need to form a march and target their fellow black men who marry white women –  you know that is really their problem.  Maybe they should approach these black men and ask “why am I not good enough to marry?”  Time to hit the nail on the head and quit hitting and bending the nail.  Put the blame where it belongs. OUCH!


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