Look at the past and you know what the future is – Romney is one of the One World Order and Wealth Distribution crowd.  The Republicans can do better in the nomination of someone to fill Senator Hatch’s seat – if McConnell is backing him – you know that is not good.

McConnell stated yesterday that President Trump needs to back Romney – are you kidding me – Romney is a RINO to start with.  Romney is the one who implemented Romney Care in Massachusetts which failed and brought us Obamacare (with taxes attached) – need I say anything else.

The way I see it – Romney  deliberately lost his election because the Global Elitists wanted Obama to be the President.  Now he wants to win Hatch’s seat so that he can do more dirty work for the Global Elitists and work against President Trump.  People should never vote this carpetbagger into this important position.

“I think he’s keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah.  He is still thinking maybe he can worm his way into the presidency.

We need a person who will work with President Trump.  All I see is bad blood in Romney’s eyes.  Romney is part of the Bush’s harem – don’t forget Bush I’s THROAT CUT at the President in Houston.  Those people are bad hombres.


Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney announced his bid to become the next U.S. Senator from Utah in a Friday morning tweet.

Romney appeared to take aim at President Donald Trump in his announcement saying, “Utah welcomes legal immigrants from around the world, Washington sends immigrants a message of exclusion,” and adding that “people treat others with respect” at the Utah capitol building.

Romney has lived in Utah for approximately five five years after losing his 2012 presidential bid to Barack Obama. The former Massachusetts governor has been accused of carpetbagging by Republican officials in the state.

“I think he’s keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let’s face it, Mitt Romney doesn’t live here, his kids weren’t born here, he doesn’t shop here,” Utah GOP chairman Rob Anderson told the Salt Lake City tribune.


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