Our Supreme Court has not been acting like the Supreme Court – it is making law and not ruling on the laws of the Constitution.  During the Obama administration he was ruling with Sharia law and not the Constitution.  Why didn’t the Supreme Court call him out?

Justice Roberts who was brought in as a Bush conservative appointee (and then we find out the Bushes are really DEMOCRATS – having very vocally voted for Hillary Clinton and fooled us) seems to lean more in Democrat muslim Obama’s favor with voting for Obamacare which really hurt America and still is.  This brought about a whopping tax on the people.

Then you have the other liberals who are on the court and continue fencing us in with Obama’s ideology instead of the Constitution.

Why is Judge Elana Kagan continue to hide Obama’s personal history – she is aware of his true background since she was his lawyer and he paid her millions to hide it?

And then President Trump hit a home run with Judge Gorsuch.

Now it is time for Ginsburg to retire due to some of her ramblings.  The people have lost faith and the ageless female needs to go.

Donald J. Trump
✔ @realDonaldTrump

Justice Ginsburg of the U.S. Supreme Court has embarrassed all by making very dumb political statements about me. Her mind is shot – resign!

10:54 PM – Jul 12, 2016

Ginsburg eventually apologized for her critical comments of the president, stating that they were “ill-advised.”

“Judges should avoid commenting on a candidate for public office,” Ginsburg wrote in a statement. “In the future I will be more circumspect.”


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