We have to cut off the head of the snake whether he is in or out of the government.  Who will stand up for our country against these evil people.

We are presently going through an immigration dust-up.  It is time to install  governing rules on immigration – as if we didn’t have any.  It is time to cut out all of the loop holes – no lottery – no chain migration – no instant baby citizen whose parents are foreigners.

Just stop and think.  As a citizen in this country you have to have a drivers license finger print photo ID.  When we leave or re-enter the country we have to have a Passport when we go through strenuous checks and balances; but, yet an illegal walks around in this country without any back-ground checks.  He can vote illegally, he receives all of the benefits that a citizen receives and hasn’t put a dime into the system.  Something is wrong with this picture.

And then you have sanctuary cities where politicians are breaking the law by allowing illegals to remain in our country and siphone our welfare and then reducing the legal citizens benefits.  The politicians in these cities are breaking the law and should be arrested and jailed.  Who among us will stand up and  correct this inequity?

And why is this – BECAUSE THE DEMOCRATS want to have a corrupt illegal voting system and the Republicans stand by and allow it.  We have the Constitution and the Bill of Rights that are suppose to protect our country and for eight years  under Obama the Constitution and the Bill of Rights were put on the shelf – AND ALL LAWS WERE BROKEN – because of his ideology, ISLAM.  Not one politician raised a finger to stop this man because they were cowards.

And now we are having to fight tooth and toe nail to bring justice to those persons who committed treason and all of these politicians, except Nunes and his committee, still can’t stand up and decide – WHO IS SUPPOSED TO ARREST THESE TREASONOUS PEOPLE – because all of the people whose job is to perform this duty were involved with the treason.  Therefore, they are all running around like chickens with their heads cut off – what to do, what to do.  It is shameful.

These are politicians who were elected to protect our country – and now – when the going gets tough – they are all going to bail out on the American people – they have their Obama/Hillary payoff and their generous government retirement.

THEY ARE COWARDS.  The Republicans helped make this mess and should stay and cleanup the mess.  The Elite Republicans are the ones who need to be voted out because they helped Obama create the mess and should be charged also.


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