The six o’clock Fox news reporter was back on his soap box about Rob Porter and the timeline of his investigation and departure.  The reporter did not mention that the FBI information did not go directly to the Prez’s office but went to another office within the White House and neither Fox or the FBI mentioned that part of the order.

Not one person has mentioned that Senator Hatch employed Porter and had to have a clearance in that office – so someone is lying through their teeth.  Also, was this some of the information unmasked by the FBI/Obama and the Dem’s and they have been holding it in their black mail book until they needed a distraction.

Also, I didn’t hear the fake news media relate how much they paid that poor woman with the black eye who said she was trying to help Porter.  Kind of late wasn’t it – about 12 or so years.  Where was the help after it happened?

I hate to keep bringing this up – but the fake news and the Dem’s couldn’t get any “honesty” award put in their chastity belt even if they changed their ways.


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