KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Mueller Investigation: Illegal ‘Fruit of the Poisonous Tree?’ Reclaim Our Republic.

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“When is Mueller going to pack up his “dog and pony” show and call it a day? He is standing under “the poisonous tree.” Isn’t he afraid of lightning striking since the Dem’s have now made a fool of him. Doesn’t he want to save what the Dem’s called – his integrity?


Reclaim Our Republic

Feb 5, 2018By Lynne K. Lechter

Over the past year the United States and, secondarily, the rest of the world, have been bombarded with the Democratic Party’s take on “Russia collusion.” Democrats have persistently declared that President Donald J. Tramp’s political ascendancy signals Armageddon. The insults started with the snarky “he’s not one of us,” to myriad accusations of anti-Semitism, racism, serial sexual harassment, xenophobia, vulgar speech, facilitation of white supremacists and violence, a crashed economy, and soured foreign relations. When none of these accusations stuck, they settled on an unrelenting, unsubstantiated drumbeat of claims that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to affect the outcome of the presidential election.

At last, the truth regarding these false accusations has been uncovered. The declassified House memo has revealed the perfidy of the Democrats’ ‘accusations against Trump, and the illegality of the Special Counsel and his investigation.

The Fourth Amendment to the United…

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