KOMMONSENTSJANE – Dreamer to DEMS: ‘Stop using us as PAWNS’ as he praises TRUMP’s immigration leadership. BY: National Sentinel

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There is truth in this pudding.

When Pelosi used her grand child as a puppet at his birthday was the extent of hypocrisy. Saying, her grand child made his wish and it was “to have brown eyes and brown skin” like one of his Hispanic friends at the party.

Grandmother Pelosi was about as racist as you can get to single out a child among his peers – especially at that age.

Pelosi’s grand child can join the #METOO movement as having been assaulted by Grandmother Pelosi.


(National SentinelIdentity Politics: “Dreamer” Hilario Yanez complimented President Donald J. Trump for his leadership during an interview on Fox News Saturday while chastising the Democratic Party for using him and others like him as political “pawns.”

“At the end of the day, here’s a guy who wants to provide a pathway to citizenship for myself and, you know, really make a difference in my life,” Yanez said of the president.

“I’m for that. Also, I believe we need to have border security so this doesn’t happen again,” he added.

“And if a wall is necessary to provide another layer for border security to do their job in a safe and responsible manner, then, you know, I think it’s necessary to fund it,” he continued.

“The diversity lottery — I think it’s outdated, I think it’s time for people who want to come to the United States to…

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