KOMMONSENTSJANE – Danish Immigration Minister: “We Have Lost to Islam”… – Al-Qaeda Teaches Jihadi Wives Not to Nag. Reclaim Our Republic.

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Why have the Danes lost their country?  Do they give up that easy?

The part which I disagree with is – when they say – Islam is a religion of peace. Where and when does that happen? Don’t they have to prove it? Just saying those words doesn’t make it so. Every day they kill and murder others – and even their own people. That is not being a peaceful religion – who do they think they are fooling? They need to be analyzed by taking an IQ test and then their brain examined.


Reclaim Our Republic

Danish Immigration Minister: “We Have Lost to Islam”…

Feb 7, 2018

The Danish Minister for Immigration, Integration and Housing, Inger Støjberg, lashes out against Islam in the Danish newspaper Berlingske, where she claims that Islam has already won due to fear.

The reason for outspoken and brave Minister’s most recent outburst is a theater play about the Mormon faith, called «The book of Mormon» now playing in Copenhagen.

In the play, a man points a “fuck finger” at the sky while saying, “Now raise your finger toward God and curse at that stupid pig.” In another scene, an actor is dressed as the Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith and has sex with a frog to be “healed.”

But this does not create violent reactions among Mormons in Denmark, and as the director of the installation, Kasper Holten says:

“If you are a Mormon and do not want to see that we…

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