Is this why the left wants any reference to the Confederacy removed:


If statues are going to be removed – when will the statues of Martin Luther King be removed.

The New Orleans city mayor and the city council are busy extracting all Confederacy statues in the middle of the night without a vote from the citizens.  The city council person representing the tearing down of the statue replied that, “they were trying to erase white supremacy.”

Seems like to me that white folks don’t need to go to New Orleans for their Mardi Gras if white folks aren’t welcome.

Not only in New Orleans but other cities in the U.S. who remove their statues without a citizen vote by the mayor and city council – does that mean all cities have to remove Martin Luther King’s statue in all of the cities.  Isn’t that racist if you leave that statue up.

I thought statues were a work of art and depicted our history – and they were paid for by the citizens of each city.  Are these mayors and city council trying to erase history?


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