KOMMONSENTSJANE – The press used to uncover government wrongdoing. Today’s press is defending it. — Brittius/Arlin Report.

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The press used to uncover government wrong doing – today’s press is defending it. Why? Plain and simple – every true patriot knows the press are all foreign spies to assist Obama and the democrats and are here to disrupt the country.


Obama is not for the American people – he is for terrorist muslims and the true reason we did not make any headway in the war with ISIS when he was in power because he was aiding and abetting the enemy – Obama is the enemy. If you don’t believe that – then prove to the American people that he is a patriot.  Everything he did to our beloved country was done with hate.

Why was Obama allowed to work against America?  Do  you think a Republican President would have been able to remain standing if he would have committed the following crimes against the country?  Why was this allowed – because he was a black man and the Republicans knew Obama was a dangerous, vengeful person and it would be hard to prove anything because of the news media working with Obama to bring down the country.

But, now, everything is unraveling –  Obama is having to walk in his truth shoes and hopefully all of the truth will be visited and justice is served.

Time will tell.





Arlin Report

Originally posted on pundit from another planet: FISA Memo Is Scarier than Watergate. Victor Davis Hanson write: The Watergate scandal of 1972–74 was uncovered largely because of outraged Democratic politicians and a bulldog media. They both claimed that they had saved American democracy from the Nixon administration’s attempt to warp the CIA and FBI to cover up…

via The press used to uncover government wrongdoing. Today’s press is defending it. — Brittius

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