Wall Street puts Al Capone in the shade.


Volatility Inc.: Inside Wall Street’s $8 Billion Time Bomb

Why isn’t there more over site by the Fed’s in regards to Wall Street?  It seems these big guns use it to benefit themselves by manipulating the market.  When they need small change – they run the stock market down and buy – and then run it up to sell.  This scares the market and the little guy loses money and the big guns make money because we don’t have the insider information.

Where is the leverage for the average street buyer?  Can’t the Feds make the field more buyer friendly and make these gangsters quit using insider trading info to benefit themselves.

The fair way for them would be – if they  (Wall Street)  buy on the low side they have to hold that stock for a certain period of time before they can sell it to prove they are not manipulating the market – which is the way it looks now.

These Wall Street gangsters, ask Hillary Clinton about Wall Street and her pay off, need to be cornered in the market  – once and for all.

Their game should be exposed – so it is fair for all – not just the gangsters.  They continue to rob Peter to pay Paul.

And while you are at it – quit printing fake money to help out the crooked bankers.  They hold all of our money in their banks and give nothing in return for using it.  Credit card companies charge zero to almost 30 percent for the use of their money – and we pay it.  Is that fair – hell no?  It is time for the banks to pay up to the citizens for holding their money.  They tell us – that our money in the bank is not really ours – they just let  us use it?

Look how many times the government have contrived and have robbed the citizens – savings and loan bust, real estate bust, the stock market bust, the Obama bust, other busts – like Obamacare, and even now they are trying to find a way to take away our 401k’s.

These gangsters must be planning another stock market bust because they keep threatening us about a stock market drop like last week.  How much longer are we going to sit around and watch them rob us?

President Trump, please make this field more level.


It was the hot trade on Wall Street, a seemingly sure thing that lulled everyone from hedge fund managers to small-time investors.

Now newfangled investments linked to volatility in the stock market — until a few years ago, obscure niche products — have exploded in spectacular fashion. The shock waves have only just begun.

How these investments proliferated is a classic story of Wall Street salesmanship and OLD -FASHIONED GREED. In a few short years, financial engineering transformed expectations about the ups and downs of the stock market into an asset class that could be marketed and sold — as tradeable as stocks but, it turns out, sometimes far riskier.


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