KOMMONSENTSJANE – Scott’s office raps Broward’s ‘unacceptable’ ballot destruction in Wasserman Schultz race. Reclaim Our Republic.

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This destruction of ballots after an election has to stop. Wasserman Schultz’s character has come into question after the scandal of the Pakistani terrorists in her office who she hired and who left the country after they downloaded classified info and lots of cash.

Ballots should always have a retention period.  Why was the county so anxious to destroy the ballots?  The same thing happened with the Judge Roy Moore election?

Schultz has to be investigated for aiding and abetting the enemy. Only one of these characters is now in jail.  If nothing else – she committed dereliction of duty.


Reclaim Our Republic

Feb 3, 2018 By MARC CAPUTO

MIAMI — Gov. Rick Scott’s office rapped Broward County’s election supervisor for giving an “insufficient response” to an official inquiry concerning her apparently “unacceptable” decision to destroy a congressional race’s paper ballots that were the subject of litigation.

The ballots in question were cast in the 2016 South Florida Democratic primary between Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and challenger Tim Canova, who later asked to inspect the paper trail because he was concerned about election integrity.

Canova finally filed suit against Broward County’s election supervisor, Brenda Snipes, when he felt his public request to inspect a select number of ballots was not being honored in a timely fashion. In the middle of the suit, POLITICO first reported, Snipes’ office destroyed the paper ballots but said it made electronic copies of them.

Regardless of the electronic copies, the destruction of the paper ballots themselves is…

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