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I bet the Democrats are going to call me a racists – okay – go for it – if they look in the mirror – they would be called traitors to the American people.

Mueller is not dealing in facts. If he was dealing in facts, his whole investigation would be dealing with Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party and the Uranium One deal with Russia.  That is where the rub comes in?

But, he is playing magician – over here you have the duly elected President Trump and the Russians hacking the election and then over here – you have the real investigation with Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the Democrats who were working and trolling the Russians which should be the real investigation.

Mueller continues with his magician tricks of trying to make you keep your eyes on the President instead of Hillary Clinton who bought and paid for the fake dossier.

Mueller continues to use magic tricks which are often called effects. These effects are – a short performance routine by a single magician which contain dozens of such tricks Mueller continues to use.

Surely, does Mueller think the American people are that gullible with his past crimes?

Who is really in charge here – surely not Mueller and his thieves? It looks like we continue to play Obama’s game.

The Story of Little Black Sambo

Sambo (Obama) is a South Indian boy who lives with his father and mother, named Black Jumbo and Black Mumbo, respectively. While out walking, Sambo encounters four hungry tigers, and surrenders his colourful new clothes, shoes, and umbrella so they will not eat him. The tigers are vain and each thinks he is better dressed than the others. They chase each other around a tree until they are reduced to a pool of ghee (clarified butter). Sambo then recovers his clothes and collects the ghee, which his mother uses to make pancakes.

Is Mueller trying to collect the buttter for Obama?


PA Pundits - International

By Brent Bozell and Tim Graham ~

CNN is airing a bizarre new advertisement with the motto “Facts First,” which insists that CNN calls an apple an apple, even if critics of their “news” reporting argue it’s a banana. CNN, you see, is interested in objective truth, not opinions. This is like McDonald’s advertising with an apple that they’re all about health food.

Our “news” networks don’t deal first with facts. They sell us narratives, and the favorite is the wild speculation about what might happen next…to President Trump. For months, they have speculated about how meetings with powerful Russians would be the end of Trump. From January 20 to October 20, just the ABC, CBS and NBC evening-news shows alone have given that story just over 1,000 minutes.

Obamacare? Budget and taxes? Immigration? A possible nuclear war with North Korea?All are second bananas. It’s Trump-Russia, Russia-Trump, day in…

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