#MeToo at the Grammys — Women Receive Almost No Awards



Left-wing, liberal political activism seeped into the 2018 Grammy Awards show on Sunday, January 28th. It was like watching overpaid NFL players crouch on the sidelines when the music for the National Anthem starts.

What is it about earning millions and being famous that makes these people so unhappy? And why do they think that fame endows them with political wisdom?

Normal viewers scratched their heads and wondered how a half-loaded Hillary Clinton’s cameo reading from an anti-Trump screed was even remotely connected to a music awards show. Nevertheless, the crowd roared with delight as the candidate who won’t go away came back to remind us what an annoyingly sore loser she still is.

Normal Americans, however, breathed yet another sigh of relief that Hillary isn’t calling the shots in the Oval Office. Seeing her do the equivalent of Richard Nixon’s campaign for rehabilitation after Watergate was a small price to pay to keep her miles away from power.

Nevertheless, won’t Hillary ever go away? She is like that 1960s Laugh-In character, Gladys Ormphby, played by the wonderful comedienne Ruth Buzzi. Gladys was the frumpily dressed gal who would whack the dirty old man, Tyrone F. Horneigh (played by the equally hilarious Arte Johnson) with her purse right after he asked in his doddering, lascivious tone, “Would you like to see my walnetto?”

Gladys and Tyrone would come back every week with a variation on that hilarious skit—not unlike Hillary’s aggravating periodic public appearances taking whacks at Donald Trump, whom she still can’t believe she lost to.

Then in the same venue without skipping a beat, there was Kesha’s gripping, tearful performance celebrating the #MeToo movement survivors of sexual assault. With all due respect to the subject matter, the performance had all the all the vehemence of an Italian opera mob scene. You know it was over the top when Cyndi Lauper got lost in the crowd of gyrating backup singers.

Kesha and her white-clad group’s performance had all the intensity of a religious revival on steroids. It was a bit uncomfortable to watch, and probably made some people long for Hillary to come back and lighten the mood.

With liberals, you can’t have hypocrisy without an amusing dose of irony. Take the award for best pop solo performance. Nominees were Kelly Clarkson, the aforementioned Kesha, Lady Gaga, Pink, and the sole male contestant, the adorable, redheaded little fuzz ball from the UK, Ed Sheeran.

You can’t make this stuff up: Ed beat out all the women. Then, to add a dash of salt to the audience’s bubbling astonishment, Sheeran was not even present to accept the award. Finally, as if to turn the knife in the liberal’s backsides, one of the two male awarders said ,“We accept the award on his behalf.”

But the hits kept on coming. Despite the Grammys take on gender equality, another male, Bruno Mars, walked away with the lion’s share of the important awards. In fact, only 1 of the 9 main prizes presented during the Grammy telecast went to a woman when the award for best new artist went to 21-year-old Alessia Cara.

Perhaps there is hope for the music industry, which so far hasn’t been rocked with the Harvey Weinstein scandals that hit Hollywood. Reacting to questions why the women didn’t win more this year, Recording Academy president Neil Portnow suggested that women who want to collect more Grammys need to “double down on their efforts.”

“I think it has to begin with women who have the creativity in their hearts and their souls—who want to be musicians, who want to be engineers, who want to be producers, who want to be part of the industry on an executive level—to step up, because I think they would be welcome,” Portnow said.

In any case, including a semi-inebriated vampire-like figure Hillary Clinton and a chubby host from Great Britain poking fun at a president that normal Americans actually like probably isn’t a recipe for future success. Even CNN reported that this year’s audience was down roughly 24 percent from last year.

Maybe they should follow our U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley’s advice in her tweet:

“I have always loved the Grammys but to have artists read the Fire and Fury book killed it. Don’t ruin great music with trash. Some of us love music without the politics thrown in it.”

It remains to be seen whether the Academy Awards produces will listen to Haley’s advice. Judging from past experience, the audience can expect more of the same from former Weinstein enablers Meryl Streep and company.





What does reading a book at the Grammy’s have to do with music?


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