KOMMONSENTSJANE – Had ‘News’ Media Done Its Job, MB Obama Would Not Have Become President – Reclaim Our Republic. AMEN/AMEN!

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It was all part of the OBAMA/Globalist One World Order and John McCain and Mitt Romney Plan – but they were stopped on THE ONE YARD LINE during the 2016 election. Their cheating and their hatred for the American human kind lost and I hope the American people recognize Romney and McCain as the evil they are.

We can never trust either one – they both let America down.


Reclaim Our Republic

The suppression of the Obama-Farrakhan photo is just the latest example of the degree to which Obama benefited from extraordinarily special treatment.

A photojournalist withheld publication of a 2005 photograph of a smiling then-Sen. Barack Obama with a beaming Louis Farrakhan, the anti-Semitic, anti-white leader of the Nation of Islam.

The occasion was a meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus. The photographer, Askia Muhammad, said that almost immediately after he took the picture a CBC staffer called and said, “We have to have the picture back.” Muhammad later surrendered the disk with the photo to Farrakhan’s chief of staff. “I gave the picture up at the time and basically swore secrecy,” Muhammad said in an interview with the Trice Edney News Wire. “But after the (presidential) nomination was secured and all the way up until the inauguration; then for eight years after he was President, it…

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