KOMMONSENTSJANE – HELL’S BELLS – VIDEO Google Does Not Know Jesus. Reclaim Our Republic.

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HELL’S BELLS.  Google denies they know JESUS.

Well, I be darn, Google doesn’t know who JESUS is? There is also another side to that story – they don’t want to know who JESUS’ PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE is.

Google doesn’t want to know that “JESUS” is involved in Google’s every step of their way through life.

They will learn sooner or later.


Reclaim Our Republic

Glorified spy tech disses son of God

Shock Video: Google Home Censors Jesus Christ

Jan 25, 2018

Who is Jesus Christ? Internet users are posting videos of Google products refusing to answer the simple question.

In one video uploaded Wednesday, Google fails to answer but provides an in-depth summary when asked about other religious figures including Allah.

A Facebook user who asked the same question in November 2017 received a different response.

In the older footage, Google answered, “Regardless of what you might think of him personally, Jesus Christ stands as the central figure in the history of Western Civilization.”

Today when asked about Jesus, Google gives no reply and instead sends users to a Jehovah’s Witness website.

Another smart device, Amazon’s Alexa, similarly claimed Jesus is “a fictional character” when asked by Steven Crowder last year.

Why are these products omitting the most historical figure in the Western world?


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