Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator of the Financial Times, contends that President Donald Trump has been lucky with the robust growth in the U.S. economy.

Wolf also argues in an article for FT.com that the president is taking credit for the continuation of a post-crisis recovery begun under President Barack Obama.

There they go again.  This is the only way Obama and the Democrats know how to achieve anything is to steal.


(Isn’t that typical – eight years of stagnation and the democrats are still trying to steal the thunder from Prez trump.  It is a good thing that the Prez was elected because with Hillary we would be homeless by now.)

Wolf said at the Davos World Economic Forum, Trump intended to assert that “after years of stagnation, the United States is once again experiencing strong economic growth” and that the United States is “open for business” once again.

The president brought his “America First” message to the annual World Economic Forum meeting, while also showing a willingness to co-operate with other countries. Davos has the reputation for bringing together the business and political elite to promote a globalist agenda that’s contrary to Trump’s campaign message of protecting U.S. workers from the ravages of unfair trade.

“It was very wise to go into the lion’s den,” Kudlow said on cable channel CNBC. “I liked his tone, which was cooperative, and I liked his substance, which was: ‘America’s open for business’.”



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