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FCC – this is a good example of what Google WordPress does to conservatives when they don’t like what you blog.  This has to be stopped – it is un-American.

?????????okay where are my reblogged words?

okay where are my reblogged words?

where is my restored copy?




Will try to reconstruct what was censored:

My question is who fits the DNA profile of wanting to continue being a Democrat except the Hollyweed Jews’s, the muslims, the blacks, and the Jew’s in the party (Schumer and Pelosi).

We know that Hillary, Chelsa, and Bill are gangsters and they are no better than the BONNIE AND CLYDE family.  Obama and Hillary worked to bring our country down to the level of a third world country and almost succeeded – if not for our current President.

What Obama tried to accomplish with Soros’ help is to make America a socialist country under Obama’s dictatorship which would have been no better than what Hitler accomplished in Germany.  Plain and simple.

Those people who now follow under the DNC LEADERSHIP of Tom Perez who was part of Hillary Clinton’s DOSSIER and Keith Elllison,  a muslim, are no better off than before.  Obama and these people hijacked the JFK Democratic Party who were for the people and are now definitely not for the people as we have experienced for eight years under Obama.

Wake up – they are trying to put you back on the Plantation.





Arlin Report

Scum – Liars – Treasonous – Corporate Embezzlement – Cover up of murders – Laughing over military coffins there is video tape of it – She thought sleep was more important than doing something for people who had given warnings weeks in advance about impending doom and she did nothing – She stole for those […]

via Bill Clinton – Hillary Clinton – Chelsea Clinton – The Clinton Foundation — Crime Syndicate — The Jibber Jabber Journal

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