KOMMONSENTSJANE – To “support” women, Hillary reads from a book at the Grammy Awards…and it wasn’t Juanita’s book. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Isn’t it strange that the Grammy’s would use Hillary as a PROP when she was an enabler for Bill Clinton. Why would she stick with Bill after his “womanizing” – because she knew if she divorced him – her ticket in politics would have no value – plain and simple?

And why would the blacks continue using Hillary as a prop with the Democratic muslim/communists. The reason – they know they couldn’t get away with the lying, cheating, and stealing that goes on in the Dem Party in the other party. As was just proven with Weinstein – none of these people have morals. The women who claimed assault and rape went into these dungeons with Weinstein knowing they had a future and if they didn’t they would not – they used Weinstein and he used them and now they claim assault and rape to be rewarded with cash – just part of the woman game.

It is the right of a man to ask and a woman’s right to refuse or say no. But then if you said no – they would still be holding the short end of the stick.

And too, the Blacks like to be abused by the Dem’s – just part of their life. Most Blacks are never taught “how to be nice – cause it doesn’t work for them with other Blacks.”  Just from the looks of life for the Blacks – it ain’t easy in the Black community because they do not respect people – black, brown or white.  They are not raised that way.


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Enjoys sports and all kinds of music, especially dance music. Playing the keyboard and piano are favorites. Family and friends are very important.
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