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via Gallup: Global Disapproval of U.S. Leadership Has Soared Under Trump.  By Arlin Report.

Don’t you just love this disapproval of U.S. leadership under President Trump.  For years these countries have been using our country as an ATM machine, especially under Obama.  They didn’t like us, ever, they tolerated us because we paid them off to tolerate us.  They loved our aid (money) because the politicians had a field day when the money arrived – the people never get to see the money because there is no follow-up for what the money was used for or pin-pointed for.

I can remember when we were in Greece years ago on a tour and we were the only Americans and the restaurant where we stayed would not serve us because we were Americans. Eventually, only one person was allowed to serve us who was from New York.

At that time they were taking our foreign aid which I brought to the argument.  A tour with most countries represented and they singled us out.  But, the tour guide stepped in and spoke to the management about taking their business elsewhere if this wasn’t corrected – and, it was – but, not with grace.

Where are all of these countries’ money?  They are going into the pockets of the politicians.  The officials continue to fill their own pockets while they are in office.  This same thing has started in our own U.S. government and had gotten out of hand under the Obama administration because there were so many foreigners in his administration that were brought up under corrupt governments.

Have discussed this  with many foreigners and they think nothing of the politicians filling their pockets while in office – their opinion – just part of being a politician – they expect a person to go in poor and leave rich.  REALLY?

Right now that is what is going on in California, New York, and New Jersey.  You have so many foreigners who do not have American values in office and changing the values by bringing in that  mindset that it is okay to steal from the people.  In reality it is called CORRUPTION to the highest level.  All three of these states have such liberal values and corruption that it is taking a toll on those states.  They then go to the next level of using state taxes and taxing people to the point that they can’t live in those states and are leaving.

Does anyone really care what these countries think?  If  you knew the truth – it is called jealousy that their country does not have the freedom that America has AND PEOPLE WORK FOR LIVING and then we have those that are no better than these foreigners – they want to live off the people who do work and pay income taxes.

But the moral to the whole story is – all of these countries are liberal and most of them are run by a dictator and that is what you get if  you become a liberal – dictatorship is the other end of liberalism.



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