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Socialism has proven that it does not work. Therefore, why is the Democratic Party turning to socialism. They know it doesn’t work. Check the world over and every country that is a socialist country is also a dictatorship because the leaders rule the people.  Why would anyone want to lose their freedom?


Reclaim Our Republic

Maduro’s Socialist Paradise Descends Further into Depravity: Citizen Murder

Dec 21, 2017  by  Bob Adelmann

Maduro’s Socialist Paradise Descends Further into Depravity: Citizen Murder

Luisa Ortega, once Marxist Nicolas Maduro’s Prosecutor General, was lucky to get out alive. When she protested the country’s Supreme Court’s assumption of powers reserved to the duly-elected National Assembly last summer, that court froze all of her personal assets and barred her from leaving the country. Her replacement, Tarek William Saab, learned she was attempting to flee the country and almost succeeded in stopping her. She and her husband fled from Venezuela by speedboat to Aruba and from there they flew into Columbia.

From there she has been waging a war of exposure of Maduro’s criminal activities and the Wall Street Journal just reviewed her 495-page report of his atrocities. The latest step down into depravity consists of using his police forces to attack, capture, torture, maim, and then murder innocents who…

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