KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Comey Jail time – Trump orders Intel Community to develop procedures when “unmasking” Americans. Reclaim Our Republic.

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For your information.

This being a government body, you would think there would be formal procedures in writing, in place for anything this serious as unmasking Americans or a form which was drawn up to name what foreign person was being listened to?  Is our government in such a shape people don’t follow procedures?  Yes, under Obama I would say everything was upside down to begin with since they were following Sharia law and if they weren’t following the Constitution.


Reclaim Our Republic

Jan 9, 2017 by Sara Carter

President Donald Trump ordered Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats Tuesday to put in place procedures for intelligence and law enforcement officials requesting the unmasking of American citizens and the dissemination of those names in foreign intelligence reports, according to a White House memorandum obtained by this reporter.

Trump has given the DNI 30 days to “issue and release publicly a policy requiring that each element of the Intelligence Community (IC) develop and maintain procedures for responding to requests from Federal, State, local, tribal, or territorial government officials for non-public identity information concerning known unconsenting United States persons that was originally omitted from disseminated intelligence reports.”

The DNI must develop procedures with all 16 intelligence agencies and law enforcement “for the collection, retention, and dissemination of information concerning United States persons established pursuant to section 2.3 of Executive Order 12333 of December 4, 1981 (United States…

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