Below is De Niro’s profane-laced attack on the President.  Yet, we didn’t see anything in the FAKE NEWS.

But, today, the President made this statement and he brought the FAKE NEWS TO THEIR KNEES.

“Trump attacks protections for immigrants from ‘sh–hole’ countries in Oval Office meeting.”


Since when did the FAKE NEWS sh–heads start being so sensitive.


Robert De Niro attacks Trump in profane rant at awards gala?

FOX News

Benjamin Brown

Actor Robert De Niro, a frequent critic of President Donald Trump in the past, devoted his time onstage during Tuesday night’s National Board of Review awards gala to attacking the president again.

His harsh words — including “j—-off in chief” and “f—ing fool,” came during De Niro’s speech introducing actress Meryl Streep, who plays the late Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham in Steven Spielberg’s newspaper drama “The Post,” which took home the award for best picture.

“Today the world is suffering from real Donald Trump. Come on. You know. What are we talking about? This f—ing idiot is the president. It’s the Emperor’s New Clothes – the guy is a f—ing fool,” according to a transcript obtained by the New York Times.



“Nice Nice Suit, Robert De Niro, London.  President Trump has two himself. Rumor has it Obama and Spielberg buy their’s there too€™”

The 74-year-old star of such films as “Raging Bull” and “Goodfellas” compared Trump’s administration to that of President Richard Nixon, which challenged the New York Times and Washington Post over the publication of the infamous Pentagon Papers.

“Our baby-in-chief – the j—off-in-chief, I call him – has put the press under siege, ridiculing it through trying to discredit it through outrageous attacks and lies,” De Niro said.

He added: “And again, just like 1971, the press is distinguishing itself with brave, exacting journalism.”

In the past, the actor has made several disparaging remarks directed at the president, telling Deadline in August that Trump was “dangerous” and should not “have gotten into the position that he’s in.” De Niro also lashed out against Trump in an October video, where he said he’d “like to punch him in the face.”

Spielberg also voiced his concern about the current climate between journalists and the White House – albeit, in a much subtler way.

“We are in a fight and it’s a fight not just about alternative facts but it’s a fight for the objective truth,” Spielberg said after accepting the award for best picture.

“President Obama said in a recent interview, ‘It’s not that democracy is fragile but it’s reversible.’ I wanted to do more than just sit down and watch television and complain to (wife Kate Capshaw) and my kids about what’s happening to our country.”


Just read the last two paragraphs of Spielberg’s.  He is saying that Obama was fighting for democracy – what a bunch of crock – a Muslim preaching Islam and Spielbeg is saying Islam is DEMOCRACY.  From what I can read and hear Spielberg and De Niro better have a visit with their psychiatrists since their brain cells are out of step with the times.

Where were these two STRAW JOLLIES during the last eight years of the Obama and Democrat crooks?  Sure they liked it when Obama was tearing up the country while they sat in their luxurious electric-fenced homes with guards and their illegal aliens waiting on them.  That is the way Jews are – they take your money and than look down on the population.  Don’t know what nationality De Niro is – just a thug off the street who lucked into the movie business.

These two jay birds talk about the fake news media and they believe every word they put out.  It only reflects on their intelligence.  All of these people who voted for Hillary Clinton like these two are against the American people because the two of them are communists.

And the language De Niro used only tells you the quality of the man and  his intelligence.  Surely there were other words that he could have used to describe our President who is bringing back jobs, bringing back companies, trying to drain Obama’s swamp, bringing back free speech, and returning illegals back to their home countries so they can help make their own countries great again.

So De Niro and Spielberg better go to their doctors and have them “YANK” those burrs out of their butts – cause they are showing.  The American people are tired of covering  your butts.  Now that would be a good subject for your next movie.

I can just see the movie marquee –  DE NIRO AND SPIELBERG –



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