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Fellow Conservatives:

Do you ever wonder what happens to good conservatives after they get to Washington – why so many of them join the swamp and compromise their principles?

I’m former Senator Jim DeMint and I’m going to tell you why this happens. It’s simple:

There is currently no support system in Washington to help these leaders remain true to their convictions and succeed in advancing a conservative agenda.

From the moment conservatives arrive in Washington, place their hand on the Bible, and are sworn in, the establishment has a well-oiled machine geared up to “teach” them how Washington works.

They learn that if they play ball, they will be showered with campaign cash from K Street corporate interests. They will get plum committee assignments and get invited on lavish fundraising overseas trips.

They also learn that if they fight for conservative principles, they will be rebuked and marginalized. They will be blocked from key committees, cut off from fundraising, and have no social life.

We keep electing great conservatives, but we don’t do a good job of supporting them once they get to Washington.

That’s why I started a new non-profit organization called the Conservative Partnership Institute (CPI) to develop a support structure for conservatives that rivals the establishment machine.

From the moment they arrive in town, CPI will identify smart, swamp-proof conservatives to help staff their offices. We will weaponize them by teaching them strategies and tactics they need to win conservative victories. We will help them learn how to effectively communicate messages in a winning way. And we will connect them with the groups and conservative leaders who will help them achieve their goals.

In short, CPI is the anti-swamp.

Before the establishment can co-opt them, we will embrace them. We want them to know that if they take risks and fight for conservative principles, someone will have their back.

Please join me in this important effort by making a tax-deductible contribution to CPI today.

Your support will help CPI’s experienced team of Capitol Hill veterans carry out their programs to train, equip, and unify conservatives in Washington so they can truly drain the swamp.

Specifically, your gift will help CPI …
Equip conservative leaders by conducting legislative training programs and hosting member and staff retreats;

Unify the conservative movement by organizing policy working groups and networking events; and

Educate the public with communications training programs that help conservatives with effective message development.
There are a number of great organizations in Washington that help elect strong conservatives and that develop and advance conservative policies, but CPI is the only organization working exclusively to support conservative leaders in Washington.

The swamp is extremely powerful and will turn outsiders into insiders if we don’t work together to provide a counter-balance that helps conservatives stand strong.

Please help CPI be the anti-swamp in Washington by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Thank you for considering this important request and for supporting the principles of freedom that make America great.


Jim DeMint
CPI Chairman
Former U.S. Senator

This is to inform you and if anyone is interested just go to their website.


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