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Where was Oprah for eight years when Obama was lying and tearing up the country – never heard a word from her?


Be sure and look at the sign in the photo stating:  CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN..

Only in Hollyweird.  |Susan Sarandon hit the nail on the head when she spoke the following words. It was only a few years back that it was okay to go to bed with Weinstein to be able to take that next step into stardom.

And now, they are stars in the “dome” and don’t need Weinstein anymore.  Now they are crucifying him.  So is this the star Oprah was riding on – wasn’t she one of those who was wooing Weinstein before her rise to stardom?

The words of wisdom which I grew up with was – you always THANKED the people who ‘BROUGHT YOU TO THE DANCE.”  If you don’t, you lack gratitude.  Those who used men to take the next step and now wallowing in self-pity know who you are – so don’t give us this pious act that you are a victim.

The story always goes back to what your Mama taught  you – it is the right of a man or woman to ask and a man or a woman’s right to REFUSE.

Where was Oprah all of those Weinstein years when this was going on – wasn’t she in on this ride?


Shame on those women and men who rode to fame on any other person and did not make it on their own and now are defaming those very same people.

Disclaimer – In regards to the Olsteen statement – not sure I agree with that part.


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OK, the next US Presidential election is not scheduled for another few years, but the Party that lost the unlosable election in 2016 is already sniffing out possible candidates. And a speech at a Golden Globes ceremony may have given them what they are after: a leftwing celebrity messiah.

The Hollywood liberals were in a frenzy after talk show host Oprah Winfrey gave a speech the other day at the famous awards’ night. As one news report puts it:

Oprah Winfrey fans have lit up Twitter with calls for her to run for US president after the entertainment star gave an inspiring “new day” speech at the Golden Globes in support of those who have exposed sexual misconduct in Hollywood and beyond.
A surge of tweets carrying #Oprahforpresident and #Oprah2020 hashtags followed her speech, where Winfrey became the first African-American woman to receive a lifetime achievement award on Sunday.

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