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The Democrats, Pelosi, and Schumer continue to run into walls – the Trump wall and the Southern wall – so what do they do – they hyperventilate. They seem to have run out of anything to bring to the table so they revert to what they know from their own visits to their psychiatrist – it is called diversion tactics – just throw something out there outlandish and maybe it will divert long enough to find something worthwhile.

Let’s see, I think Schumer and Pelosi have appointments next week with their psychiatrists and maybe he can give them some clinical help.


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Originally posted on John A Pappas: Lets take the latest example of the Democrats showing their mental disorder. The Democrats always talk that they are concerned with the middle class and the poor in America. I would say before Obama came along and his Democratic party this was true and even going back more decades…

via The Democrats Have Been Attacking President Trump’s Mental State Not Realizing By Attacking As Such They Once Again Prove That Liberalism ( Socialism ) Is A Mental Disorder — Brittius

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