On the Fox business channel this morning, Maria Bartiromo’s program, she was speaking to Trey Gowdy about the different facets of the investigations which are going on at this very moment.  They were discussing Attorney General (AG) Sessions and Maria asked Gowdy – if Sessions should step down.

Gowdy stated that he could not think of anything he has done to require this; but, it would be hard to replace him at this time because it was hard to get Sessions sworn in to start with.  Which is true.

Then Gowdy remarked that the AG should be chosen from within the different AG’s in the U.S. who are qualified for this job – not your man or gal-pal in the political world.  And the next statement was priceless.

Gowdy stated:  What do you mean putting someone else in the AG position.  The Democrats wouldn’t even vote for “JESUS.”


Man, did he ever hit the nail on the head – why – because they are COMMUNISTS/MUSLIMS.  That is the problem in the Democratic Party – they have lost the values of our country and the Constitution which was based on Christianity.

Obama, the Democrats, Hillary, and the #Never Trumpers worked for eight years against America to remove Christianity and the Constitution.

Now, I would say – Congressman Gowdy – if a politician ever spoke the truth – you did – what a revelation?

I recorded that and any time I doubt what you or any politician states – I will remind myself of that revelation.


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