There are 41 million immigrants in the United States.

The United States spends $1.84 billion detaining immigrants.

It is time for a wall.

“The Bill of Rights does not grant foreigners the right to enter the United States, but once here, immigrants are entitled to certain broad constitutional protections.

We do have other options – which are – bringing in people who have been standing in line and have educational abilities to offer and won’t be a burden on society.

Again, the U.S. is spending $1.84 billion with a “B” in detaining immigrants.  What is it Congress doesn’t understand?  The debt is rising and they want it to – so that they can have control over the people.  You never hear them talk about a bill to ‘REDUCE THE DEBT.”  Even a penny set aside out of every dollar would  help – but they can’t even bring themselves to do that.

Are the Republicans Congress and Senate going to continue to follow Obama’s illegal executive order, i.e., DACA, whereby 800,000 people will be given amnesty?  If they approve DACA in exchange for the wall, it tells me these Republicans cannot chew gum and walk at the same time and always have to cave in order to make one step.  If you have the majority – then it is a no-brainer.

It is time for a wall and NO DACA.  Surely the Republicans realize if  you cave and give 800,000 more votes to the Democrats than something is wrong with this picture.  Obama concocted the DACA to overwhelm the country with uneducated illegals to out vote the Republicans.

Then it tells me these Republicans are a part of this One World Order who are trying to destroy our country and the elected officials are helping them.

It is time  for a showdown by making the majority system work and those Republicans who vote or DACA need to be thrown out of office in the next election.

Any Republican who votes for DACA is voting for OBAMA’s illegal executive order.


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