Fox and Friends were discussing DACA with Geraldo this morning.  Geraldo’s take on DACA was that the Senate and Congress should vote to accept Obama’s illegal program on a COMPASSION basis if nothing else.  What?

How many times are they going to use that fake basis?

Our CUP-ETH is running over right now with Obama’s enormous DEBT CALLED CORRUPTION and Geraldo wants to extend more compassion..  At this very point, these DACA’s are illegals who are holding a job that a citizen should be enjoying.

We have to remember with the current technology and automation, we do not need the number of uneducated people to work in the fields anymore.  We now have machines that are “doing the picking and grinning.”  We have robots working in our factories.  So, when we bring in these uneducated people it only adds more burden to our country.

The Democrat muslim/communists want the uneducated to be able to brain wash them and the main agenda is to make them a Democrat to vote against American values.

A good example is California – do you see any of those illegals wanting American values – hell no – all they talk about is making California a NARCO state and their state government is desperately working on that.

The state government (made up of liberal Hispanics) voted recently to make the state a sanctuary state and legalized marijuna.  As we know, these people tried to make Mexico better and gave up and came here and are resorting to the same failed politics they left behind – corruption and graft – the only road they know how to travel to get rich – QUICK.

These people came to this country to help Obama change the country not accept American values.

We have to go to a MERIT system of immigration.  We have qualified people from countries like Poland and the Czech Republic who are educated and ready and have been standing in line for years; but, due to Obama and the One World Order  wanting to turn our country into a third world country, merit immigration by Obama was out of the picture – that was not on his agenda as we all know.  We need to work with countries who are our friends not our enemies and people who will gladly accept America’s values.

In addition, the technology companies have said in the past that we have too many immigrants that do not have enough education to compete in their world.  Again, doesn’t that tell the whole story – we are bringing in too many uneducated immigrants who will be a drag on our country.



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