Remember Castro brothers when they made a big splash with Obama?

Don’t believe the credibility of this man – need to shake a stick at his reporting – especially when the Clinton trail is getting too hot to handle and now this man is trying to change the subject, again.

Why Hillary even tried to burn her house down, today – but she ran out of matches.

Where has Castro been hiding his info for a year?  In Cuba?  Isn’t he a little late to the ball game?  This subject has been going on all year and he is just now having his coming out party?


© Provided by The Hill
Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro (Texas) said Wednesday that he has heard evidence that Trump administration members committed crimes during the 2016 presidential election.

Castro, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, responded to a question from MSNBC’s Joy Reid on whether he believed the information he had seen so far in the committee’s investigation of Russian election interference was evidence of a crime. She specifically referenced hearings the committee had with Fusion GPS, the company behind a salacious dossier with information on President Trump.

“Do you believe that you heard evidence of crimes committed by members of this administration?” Reid asked.
“Yes,” Castro responded.

He added that he believed Republicans were not giving the House and Senate investigations enough resources to properly track down leads and make recommendations to avoid future Russian election interference.

“A big concern that I have is that there’s not enough resources, or energy or time that’s been committed to tracking down the leads that have been given to us,” Castro said.

Fusion GPS, a Washington research firm, was hired first by Republicans during the 2016 GOP primary and later by lawyers representing Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee to research Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

My goodness – all of the money you guys were given by Russia to Hillary – you mean she didn’t share it with you?

In November, Fusion GPS’ founder Glenn Simpson testified before the House Intelligence Committee for seven hours over the creation of the dossier.

Claims made in the unverified dossier, as well as funding for the research, have come into question in recent months as Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia evolves.

Fusion GPS’ founders have rejected any suggestions that their research spurred the beginning of the Trump-Russia investigation, originally begun by the Justice Department under President Obama.

Yeah – cause Obama  and his gang were spying illegally on the Trump campaign.  When are they going to bring that story out?

Whoopee – what liars?

Castro and his gang are still trying to fuse Fusion GPS founders into the Trump campaign all the while Hillary was paying for the whole she-bang.   That has been proven – where has this guy been?

Probably in Cuba.


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