KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Proof Al Gore A FRAUD – Global Warming Hoaxers Scrambling to Lib-Splain Record Cold Temps. Reclaim Our Republic.

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AL GORE/OBAMA’s climate change is A FRAUD and Europe fell for it too.
Someone reported that all of the ATM climate change machines are being removed by the United Nations.

It seems the left has a hard time when the truth is given to them – they seem to enjoy a lie rather than the truth. I guess with the Dem’s and Obama lying for so many years to them – the truth is hard to accept especially when it is against what you want the truth to be.


Reclaim Our Republic

Dec 31, 2017 by Andrew West

The United States is feeling a bit chilly these days, with record lows being recorded from coast to coast.  This prolonged cold snap has the lunatic left in a panic.

You see, the liberal world has long relied on the bizarre threat of global warming in order to remain in relative power.  This massive, truly global enemy is exactly what leftist kingmakers such as George Soros need in order to consolidate the world’s leadership into corruptible, bite-sized pieces.  The entire Global Warming Hoax is likely nothing more than an attempt to create an alarmist economy for Soros and others to profit from, while simultaneously narrowing the spectrum of their influence-by-wealth schemes.

This has spawned an enormous army of dimwitted, science-denying liberals who refuse to believe that they’ve been duped by their secret overlords.  They point to the semantic adjustments of “climate change” to lib-splain…

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