KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Leaked: BLM’s Failure To Follow Sheriff’s Command Concerning Long Guns At Bundy Ranch. Reclaim Our Republic.

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All part of Obama’s plan to take people’s money and land.  Right out of Obama’s Sharia law not the Constitution.

We have to purge the DOJ and the FBI of their top people who have gone political on America and do not represent the people but the Democratic Party. They tried to take over the government with the help of Obama and Hillary Clinton and Pelosi and Schumer.

When the Black Caucus told Obama to declare “Marshall Law” and just take over – that told America what the Democrats were up to.


Reclaim Our Republic

Dec 28, 2017 by Tim Brown

While we wait to see what the next step in the Bundy Ranch standoff trials will be, following the judge’s ruling a mistrial, leaked video has surfaced that clearly demonstrates that the agents of the Bureau of Land Management did not want to follow the commands of Sheriff Joe Lombardo concerning their brandishing of long guns in 2014.

The video was released by Resurrect The Republic Truth Media and speaks for itself.

Note what is said and the time stamps.

Sheriff Lombardo is clearly the one attempting to de-escalate the situation, while BLM Special-Agent-in-Charge Dan Love seems to be more concerned with bossing everyone around.

Lombardo tells the BLM agent to “back up” and that they “don’t need all those long guns.”

Later in the video, you will hear one of the BLM agents state that they “don’t take orders from that officer.”

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