KOMMONSENTSJANE – How Israel continues to defy the United Nations – Anti-Semitic Rant Outside Israeli Restaurant in Berlin. Reclaim Our Republic.

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I am concerned about the Jews in the U.S. They are not backing the Christians but are backing the Democrat communists/muslims – Obama/Hillary Clinton. I cannot back them at this point in the U.S. since they won’t back the Christians.

Then you have Hollyweird with Weinstein and all of the sex scandals  and how they are against the Christians who back President Trump.

So Jews in the U.S. have a lot of problems, too.


Reclaim Our Republic

 How Israel continues to defy the United Nations

In light of another shameful and empty attack on Israel by the UN, one would think that the tiny Jewish state is, and will remain, perpetually isolated. The left-leaning and biased media will continue to report the false narrative about Israel’s increased isolation. Israel is heading toward apartheid they will say, and will in due time be regarded as a pariah state.

What the media does not say is how successful Israel has been in defying the anti-Semitic UN, which receives over 30 percent of its budget from the anti-Israel “Organization of Islamic Cooperation.” On the contrary, Israel has never been more embraced, more popular, and more valuable to so many countries across the world. In fact, outside of the UN, the “Palestinian” cause and the BDS movement has been a total flop.

One would ask how…

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