KOMMONSENTSJANE – VIDEO Christian- ity Radical View Of Human Life – What YouTube Flags As ‘Not Suitable’. Reclaim Our Republic.

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When did YouTube become the judge and jury?  YouTube is making his money off of Christians isn’t he?  Since Obama is not the Grand POPO any longer and new internet rules are in play – are  we being  discriminated against?

We must never buckle under to Islam and the communists/muslims like Europe has.



Reclaim Our Republic

It’s Christmas. Let’s talk about the massive impact Christianity and the revolutionary message of Jesus Christ has had on the Western civilization. As we live in an age of atheist intolerance, where the elitist mainstream media constantly focus negatively on Christians, we need to remember how groundbreaking the Christian faith really is. After all, more than 80 percent of the American people believe in God and research shows only 2-8 percent of the world population is atheist, according to Pew Research Forum, Encyclopedia Britannica, ISSP 2008, etc. Still, believers in God are told by the regressive elites that they are old-fashioned, outdated and simply out of touch with reality.

The totalitarian atheists display their utter ignorance of history by mocking Christianity. Several of our most important values come…

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