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Love this topic in the U.S. Remember in the prior election when the Republicans in the poll eyes of Karl Rowe and Dick Morris they were suppose to club the Democrats and it was in reverse because of the cheating.

So don’t ever trust anyone who gives out polls, especially the Rasmussen poll which is run by a Muslim.

That is who came out with this poll this morning about Obama and President Trump being on an equal playing field which is a lie again.

One question you can ask any poll molester  – what happened in the 2016 election when Hillary was going to win over President Trump.

With all of the help Hillary had – Russia, Obama and the entire Democratic government, the FBI, AND THE DOJ, ILLEGALS VOTING, AND ALL OF THE CHEATERS THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY AT THE POLLS – ask the Poll molesters  – WHAT HAPPENED?

Yes, what happened Mr. Rasmussen?



Arlin Report

Image result for Photo of Hillary Clinton on the phone with pollsters

The odd couple, Hillary and Obama (not Michelle, the other guy) supposedly according to Gallop (who by the way lost credibility long ago) are America’s most admired.   I know, it’s hard to believe, unless America just loves our crooks and corrupt.  Even Al Capone may have had the lead in a Gallop Poll.  It really isn’t about admiration as much as name recognition.

Polls are misleading and can/are often controlled to gain the outcome favored by the pollsters.  Gallop has a base of past poll participants, and can predict how they answer specific poll questions.   You want a conservative outcome, ask conservatives.   You want a liberal outcome, ask only liberal.   You get your preferred results.   Perfect case in point, last years Presidential Election.   Trump was supposed to be clobbered by Hillary.   These liberal polls picked their poll participants, for that outcome.   Go to California………heavily favored Hillary.   Lets call this household…….we…

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