KOMMONSENTSJANE – Poland Objects to EU Attacks on its “National Sovereignty”. Reclaim Our Republic.

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I have to agree with the leader of Poland.  The EU is part of that globalist group who want to dictate to the world and suck up all of the world’s money so they can put everyone on their knees on a prayer rug like Obama tried in America.

“In my opinion, much of the guilt lies on the current leadership of the European Union, which is totally incompetent, bureaucratic, causing the alienation of European citizens from European institutions… We do not need censorship, we do not need an ideological police, we do not need a new press and information office if we are to continue living in a free and democratic society…” — Miloš Zaman, 2016.

It looks like the EU is trying to play dictator to these democratic countries.


Reclaim Our Republic

Dec 26, 2017 by  Steve Byas

Poland Objects to EU Attacks on its “National Sovereignty”

Zsolt Semjen, deputy prime minister of Hungary, and the leader of that nation’s Christian Democrat Party, objected to the European Union’s recent move to dictate to Poland. He called the move “unprecedented and astounding,” added that it “seriously damages Poland’s sovereignty.”

Semjen stood up for Poland after the European Commission, which enforces the law of the EU, announced last week that it is implementing “Article Seven” disciplinary action against the eastern European country. The EC objects to two recently passed Polish laws (along with others passed in recent years) that allegedly threaten the principle of separation of powers. Under Article Seven, sanctions can be imposed against Poland if it fails to bring its laws into conformity with the European superstate’s dictates.

The Commission has argued that the Polish laws it disapproves of give too much power to the ruling party over Poland’s Supreme Court…

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