Representative pleads with  Congress to Investigate  X-President Obama.

While they may have been grossly mishandled, the wrongdoings of Hillary Clinton certainly received plenty of attention. Likewise, President Trump can’t make a single move without it being scrutinized and criticized. Obama, on the other hand, has largely flown under the radar, with his missteps and scandals receiving little to no attention.

One congressman, though, is attempting to change that. Speaking before Congress, Rep. King tore into former President Obama, carefully detailing all of the fraud, scandal, and abuses of power that he has been apart of over his years in power. His conclusion was that Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, and George Soros should all be investigated by Congress for wrongdoings that span back years and cover enough incidents that it boggles the mind.

Whether Rep. King’s urgings will yield to any new actions on behalf of Congress is yet to be seen, but it is refreshing to see at least one person calling out Obama for all of the actions he seems to have gotten away with. At the very least, maybe it’ll make the former President think twice about continuing to meddle in government affairs.
To see Rep King’s impassioned speech, be sure to check out the video below.

Excuse my French – finally, someone has the “balls” to call Obama out.


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