KOMMONSENTSJANE – Who will be in and who will be out? Claire your time is up! Arlin Report

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Remember when Claire dropped Hillary and went for Obama?  Claire is like an elevator – she can either take you up or down.

Who in the world thinks Chris Wallace, the biggest liberal on Fox News can predict an election – unless his liberal cronies told him how they are going to cheat like they did in Alabama.

Just more liberal talking points coming from Wallace  – another one is Juan Williams – they receive their daily fake news from the democrats and Obama.

As far as arrogant Wallace is concerned – his lights are on – but nobody is home.  He tries to imitate his liberal Father by trying to sound tough when interviewing folks but ends up sounding like a fake which he is.

Sorry, but I have no respect for liberals at this point – all liars.  Look what they helped Obama do to this country.




Arlin Report

Chris Wallace says Republicans could lose 50 House seats in the 2018 elections.   First of all, Chris Wallace didn’t think Trump had a chance in hell of winning the presidency.   And, he doesn’t get it……… one party is as bad as the other.    Republicans and Democrats have gone back and forth in domination of the House………and we keep getting the same results, nothing, except more corruption and incompetence.    Republicans and Democrats have become just a difference in name……  Together or separately they make up the Washington Elite.

Incumbents should lose their seats……..left, right, conservative, liberal, republican or democrat, whatever the label, you’ve had your chance……….now go away.   You too Claire McCaskill.  Stop sending me your survey and money request.   I sent you a letter, you never read……..now you ask me for my thoughts and donation? That too not from you directly.   You’re a fake.    Had you read…

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