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Only time will tell what happened.  It is very important to find out what was going on with this gang of terrorists and the fact these terrorists (4) were hired and down loaded the Democrat Congressmen and women’s  computer information to a foreign source. This definitely needs to be investigated to see if Speier’s was complicit since she hired these people.  Originally, it was stated that Wasserman Schultz hired these people.

Now all three have fled the U.S. and are in Pakistan with only one in jail.

Who vetted these terrorists?  Can you image these four terrorists were paid over a million dollars during their stay and were right in the middle of our government with free reign and security clearance with pass words.  The final assault was that Wasserman Schultz tried to keep the Capital police from taking her computer as the story goes.

Something smells fishy with these democrats.


Fellowship of the Minds

There is an epidemic of foot issues among our politicians.

First it was Hillary Clinton, who was fitted with a medical “walking” boot on October 15, ostensibly for a broken toe from “running downstairs wearing heels” and “falling backward”.

Two months later, seen at an appearance in Vancouver on December 14, Hillary is still wearing the boot, albeit a different one, although the recovery period for a broken toe is 4 to 6 weeks.

On December 21,  NBC News reported that Attorney General Jeff Sessions has ordered the Justice Department to interview FBI agents with knowledge of an investigation into Hillary Clinton’s role in a uranium deal with Russia, reviving interest in what President Trump has called a “modern-age” Watergate.

Sessions’ order comes a month after Republicans in Congress had urged him to appoint a second special counsel to investigate Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign, the Uranium One…

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