KOMMONSENTSJANE – A BLAST FROM THE PAST – House says “No” to Obama’s request for $3.7 BILLION for border crisis he fomented. Fellowship of the Minds.

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Idea – what we give to the U.N. and foreign countries – let’s give a hand wave to all of the countries and use that cash to pay for the new BEAUTIFUL BORDER WALL.

What we have spent on illegals – we probably could have already paid cash for a border fence.

Just a drop in the bucket – this is why our debt sky-rocketed during the eight years Obama and the Democrats were leading the pack.

Was this another Obama scheme to laundry money for his campaign like the GLOBAL WARMING HOAX?


Fellowship of the Minds

The GOP-majority U.S. House of Representatives is saying “No” to the POS’s request for $3.7 BILLION to address the “border crisis” of wave after wave of illegals aliens surging across the Mexican border into the United States — a crisis fomented by the POS because he refuses to secure America’s southern border.

The Daily Mail reports that only about 3% of the $3.7 BILLION would actually be used to strengthen border security. The largest part of the $3.7 billion would go to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to care for the “unaccompanied children.” Business Insider has a more detailed outlineof how the proposed $3.7 billion would be spent.

The Blaze reports that yesterday (Friday, July 11) morning, reporters asked Rep. Hal Rogers (R-Kentucky), chairman of the Appropriations Committee that controls spending, whether the House would approve the $3.7 billion spending package as-is. Rogers said no

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