KOMMONSENTSJANE – How to Trigger a Liberal. By: Deplorable KEL

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How to trigger a liberal.


Deplorable Kel

We’ve all spent countless hours talking to and educating liberals. But lets be honest, sometimes it’s fun to just trigger the sh*t out of them. I’ve lost count of how many people, politicians, or pages on Twitter and Facebook, that have blocked me. I’m sure I’ve made at least a few people cry.

Now, let me tell you my favorite ways to trigger a snowflake.

If you are speaking with a p*ssy hat wearing feminist, ask her what she is doing out of the kitchen. Ask her who makes the sandwiches for her husband while she’s at the women’s marches. Or you could just tell her to get to the kitchen and make a sandwich. Be sure to call her sweetheart after asking for the sandwich. They love that.

Another great way to trigger liberals is to just simply say/write “WRONG” after everything they say/post. I’ve done this and oh…

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