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In America, the struggle in our classrooms started with Bill Clinton’s leadership which started with “dumbing” down the kids with his modern math which equaled to 2 plus 2 could be any number you deemed necessary and not teaching kids how to read or write cursive. Therefore, we have a lot of air-heads who are not qualified to do anything but accept welfare and it even became worse under Obama’s leadership. The purpose of this was to make them all – wards of the socialistic government.

This is why we have so many people on welfare without work under Obama. With Trump , it is being reversed with training and work being put back on the table.

There has been many instances when a college student will approach the professors and request help for learning how to read because they want to read the sports news on how great they were in a given football game and cannot even read their own praises.

Question – how in the hell did they get to that level in college and cannot read or write?  Is this fair to the student?  It is time to examine our structure of development and punish those who have put this on the backs of these students because what happens when they try to enter the work force?  They fail because they cannot compete?



student_under_treeWhite working class boys from poor neighbourhoods face a ‘double disadvantage’ of low family income and place poverty linked to their wider communityChild with school lunchMUM12 Strategies to Manage the Modern Classroom InfographicTime off-task. Distractions. These are problems educators new to using technology might face in their classrooms. But used correctly, technology can easily move from a weapon of mass distraction, to a tool of engagement.

Experienced and talented NYCSchoolsTech teachers shared their tried and true strategies and the software selections that work in their classrooms. Lisa Nielsen categorized them and wrote them up into a list. Innovative educator Eileen Lennon took that list and turned it into the 12 Strategies to Manage the Modern Classroom Infographic.

Those who can’t do, teach. Schools dumbdown children!  It’s a ridiculous terror to jail children in schools for sixteen years in order to brainwash them and keep teachers busy!  No wonder children revolt violently. Dropping out is a smart strategy of cutting losses short.

Kids only need literacy, something they can learn from parents.  Nevertheless, government does not allow children to grow properly and work…

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