Isn’t it time to run this Soros guy out of the country for subversion?  Also Tom Steyer?

REVEALED! Soros plots the future of the Trump-hating ‘alt-left’

December 2, 2017

“On the Holmes Front, with Frank Holmes”

In November, while normal people were making plans for Thanksgiving, liberal billionaire George Soros and his cronies were making plans to take over the world.

Soros and dozens of deep-pocketed donors huddled behind closed doors to decide how to use their billions to defeat President Donald Trump.

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Documents made available to The Horn News reveal the mega-billionaires are plotting to turn every state in America into a little version of California!

The shadowy ultra-liberals met at the posh La Costa Resort in southern California for the fall meeting of the “Democracy Alliance.” But their real agenda is to make sure patriotic Americans lose control of their country forever.

The secretive group’s agenda describes its fall meeting (Nov. 15-18) as a “safe place” where everything that’s discussed – and even who was there – “should remain confidential.”

If a reporter calls, Soros strictly told them not to answer any questions. Instead, they’re supposed to e-mail Elizabeth Bartolomeo right away.

Just take one look at their agenda, which was obtained by The Horn, and it’s easy to see why.

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The Democracy Alliance was founded by George Soros so that he and his fellow billionaires could force America to follow their left-wing dictates.

Members have to give $200,000 a year to left-wing political outfits selected by its board, on top of $30,000 in annual membership dues.

So far, the group has steered half-a-billion dollars to far-Left organizations like the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March, Media Matters, and front groups run by Obama and Clinton’s henchmen.

Every few months, its members decide who gets their money – and this year they decided they have to destroy Donald Trump before they permanently transform America into a banana republic.

Even the title of the conference, “Beyond #Resistance: Reclaiming our Progressive Future,” shows that Soros is obsessed with Trump.

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The Democracy Alliance’s president called Trump’s election in 2016 “the most cataclysmic election of modern history.”

The meeting was supposed to let Soros and his minions plan how to “stiffen and amplify Democratic opposition” to Trump – especially his tax and infrastructure plans – but that’s just a means to an end.

George Soros and his billionaire buddies have a bigger goal: They want to own and control every state in the country, just like they do California

The meeting – held just 50 miles from the Mexican border – praised “California’s progressive template.” They’ve seen how billionaire donors, open borders, and radical liberal politicians changed the Golden State into their own private fiefdom.

A generation ago, it was a Republican state that elected Ronald Reagan governor. Now it’s a left-wing cesspool of crime and corruption that’s $1.3 trillion in debt.

Handwritten text warned of “alt-left” rise… in 1934.

This is their “template” for America!

They want to start by defeating Trump at every turn.

A group calling itself the “Patriotic Millionaires” told the donors to present President Trump’s tax cuts as a gift to the rich, and paying sky-high taxes as a patriotic duty.

Maybe it’s just us, but having the same people who cheered for our armed forces to fail in Iraq call themselves “patriotic” is a little too much.

They plan to use the same playbook against plans to rebuild American infrastructure. They even want to save Obamacare from its death spiral.

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Tom Steyer, who just started a $20 million campaign to impeach Trump, is a member of the Democracy Alliance, too.

After they “resist” Trump, that’s when the real transformation of our country begins.

They dedicated whole workshops to “winning in the states – girding up for 2018,” especially “prosecutor races” – which makes it easier to impeach Republicans and throw their conservative opponents in the slammer.

They plan to “fight for dreamers” (illegal aliens) and fight against religious freedom.

The coup de grace is changing the American voting system — permanently stacking the deck against middle America in the name of “election security.”

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They plan to ramp up talk that Russians interfered in 2016 – so they can change voting laws in time for the 2018 and 2020 elections. They’ve even started in some states.

They called in a “special appearance” from one of their test cases. Democrat Ralph Northam won the Virginia governor’s race in a squeaker – because his Democrat predecessor gave hundreds of thousands of ex-convicts the right to vote.

“Are there lessons in this for 2018?” their official agenda asks.

They sure think so. Aside from Northam, they showered praise on the head of the New Virginia Majority, a lady named Tram Nguyen, for her role in getting ex-cons the right to vote – and her “engagement efforts that have touched more than 1 million voters of color in Virginia.”

Having murderers, rapists, and other recent inmates vote is one part of their plan. Another is getting illegal aliens into the ballot box.

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The Democracy Alliance hosted a presentation by Marian Schneider, who helped oversee Pennsylvania’s online voting system.

This is the same voting system that has 1,160 illegal voter registrations from people who aren’t even American citizens! (Read about the details here.)

What he can’t win, George Soros is willing to steal. The meeting had a presentation from Barbara Simmons, who a report called “The Future of Voting: End-to-End Verifiable Internet Voting.”

She wants all voting to take place on the internet. Imagine how easy it would be to manipulate that! States are going back to paper ballots because of alleged irregularities with electronic voting machines.

The Democracy Alliance plans to take George Soros’ secret plan to every Republican state in the country, starting with the ones that have the most Electoral College votes. Presenters at the hush-hush meeting came from groups with names like the Texas Organizing Project and the New Florida Majority.

Once Texas and Florida become blue states like California, conservatives will lose the presidency…forever.

Then Soros can turn America into California – a state where innocent girls are gunned down in sanctuary cities, trash lines the highways, welfare fraud is rampant, and Soros and his fellow super-rich elites drive their limousines to gated communities while an increasingly poor and desperate middle class fights illegal immigrants for jobs, bureaucrats for their salary, and gangs for their survival.

You can see the Democracy Alliance’s whole, 38-page meeting agenda here.

As we get more details of Soros’ secret plan, and he and his cronies move to radically transform America, we’ll keep you posted.

— Frank Holmes is a reporter for The Horn News. He is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”


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