In America the terrorists havens are called, “SANCTUARY CITIES” and in the Middle East they are called “SAFE HAVENS.”


US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Pakistan Monday as Washington pressures its wayward ally to eliminate militant safe havens; days after Pakistani authorities freed an alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Terrorist Charity needs to start at home – the U.S.  These states that are doubling up on allowing illegals who are terrorists to remain in their states need to be arrested since the Constitution states they are in the country illegally.  The officials are breaking the law and should be taken into custody and sentenced as any citizen who breaks the laws of the country.

The current officials in D.C. who are allowing them to continue this law breaking are breaking the law themselves by not following the Constitution which they swore to uphold.  We have to be firm in our commitment which the Democrats under Obama were not and this has to STOP.

AG Sessions needs to enforce the law – they are supporting these terrorists by giving them taxpayer funds.  THEY ARE SOFT ON CRIME.

The governors of these states who provide for these illegals need to be arrested.

Sanctuary Cities are no different than what Defense Secretary Mattis is trying to do in Pakistan – ONE IS CALLED SAFE HAVENS AND WE CALL THE U.S. HAVENS  – SANCTUARY CITIES.  NO DIFFERENCE – THE GOVERNORS ARE AIDING AND ABETING OR HARBORING ILLEGALS WHICH MAKES THEM CRIMINALS.  How much more plain can it be?


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