KOMMONSENTSJANE – ‘Build the D*mn Wall or They’ll Keep Coming’ – What if Kate Steinle’s Killer had been an NRA Member? Reclaim Our Republic

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What will it take to build a fire under the builders of the wall? The illegals continue to cross that border from Mexico because they know the “fountain of welfare” is on the U.S. side.

Why doesn’t Mexico take care of its citizens? It is time for Mexico to raise the wages of the workers in Mexico and give them more opportunities there and the U.S. wouldn’t have to worry about them or the coyotes who bring them into the country.

Why does the Mexican officials want the citizens to come to the U.S. – because they send the money they make back to Mexico.  If these illegal crossings stopped – Mexico would drop dead in the market.


Reclaim Our Republic

Sheriff David Clarke: ‘Build the D*mn Wall or They’ll Keep Coming’

by Keely Sharp

Former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke has a word or two for the Democrats and swamp monsters: if we do not build a border wall, the illegal immigrants (including the felons) will continue to flood into the United States.

In light of the illegal immigrant felon who was acquitted of murdering a 32-year-old American woman (even though he admitted that he shot and killed her), Republicans are calling for the wall to be built.

“You had a segment earlier where a guy was deported 20 times and returned,” Clarke said, “Our border is not sealed like President Trump wants [and] these guys are just going to keep coming back.”

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