What will it take to bring the Republicans to their senses or are they also on the take?  Not until the FBI and the Republicans start doing their job by bringing Obama and Hillary to justice will that change.

We know Obama is a muslim and worked WITH HILLARY CLINTON against our country the whole time he was in office and flooded the government with MUSLIMS AND THIS IS THE CRUX OF THE PROBLEM – They are still working with his dark government.

We know that Comey was working with Obama and Hillary during this time.

Reason:  When does the FBI who is investigating a person like Hillary Clinton not put them under oath and record every word – which they did not?  All of this was part of the hoax so that she would be elected.

NOW, the real story came out that Peter Strzok, FBI agent, who was part of this Hillary email investigation,  was really part of Comey’s  conspiracy to make America think we were going to get justice and turn it around with this statement  – even after all of this – WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO CONVICT HER.  I actually laughed out loud when he made this statement – right then we knew the the FBI was part of the crime.

Since all things went wrong with Hillary and she was not elected – the FBI are still trying to pull this hoax off by continuing to make it an investigation of the Trump campaign and not the real  guilty party – HILLARY CLINTON.  This is all part of the dark government which they are all a part.  They are just stone-walling to keep Obama and Hillary and their gang from walking the PLANK.

This would never happen if it were a regular citizen.

Why should I as a citizen believe anything the DOJ or the FBI report in connection with THE Prez Trump election – when the RUSSIA RUSSIA collusion was with the Hillary campaign and the Democrats and they all got caught with their pants down.

Again, why doesn’t the FBI AND DOJ stop this sham investigation – we all know that Obama and Hillary have committed treason and should be investigated because the DEMOCRATS, Hillary, and Obama were in collusion with the Russians – NOT PREZ TRUMP.

They are becoming the laughing stock of the world since they were working inside of Hillary’s panties.

Since Hillary was not elected – all of the information is staring us right in the face THAT OBAMA, HILLARY AND BILL CLINTON, COMEY AND DOJ, have committed treason against this country and the sham is our government who is trying to pull the wool over our eyes and THAT IS NOT GONNA HAPPEN.

Now when will the Senate and Congress get serious and bring these people to justice or will it be like the sham justice that San Francisco pulled by not convicting the man who killed Kate Steinle?




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