KOMMONSENTSJANE – London’s Muslim Mayor: Trump not welcome there. Arlin Report

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Typical muslim, a dictator!

Did the people of London really elect this muslim to run London?  Use to go to London; but, London would not be my destination in today’s times. The mayor is the problem – not the solution.

His statement, “GET USE TO BEING BLOWN UP ,” is not my idea of a friendly place to visit.

Who does he think he is that he, one person, can keep any one individual from entering that country.  It only tells you the warped mind this man has and how important he thinks he is.


Arlin Report

London mayor says Donald Trump not welcome in U.K. after anti-Muslim retweets

UK can’t see what is happening to their own country.   While Muslim’s in a Maryland mall try and destroy a Christmas tree.   Can you not see Christians and Jews are under attack in the West.   That would include the UK an US.   Islam has made it clear, their goal is to destroy anyone and everyone that are not Muslim.  London’s mayor would expect us to sit by passively and just allow that to happen.   Under his fake guise of peace and love and diversity!!!  He preaches diversity, but his belief in Islam is to use that fake attitude as a weapon for destruction of Christians and Jews……world wide.

Mr. President (President Trump)……..America first!

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